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About the Guide
The Producer's Guide to Market Conduct contains information to help you understand and adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and professional codes of conduct. Please read this introductory material on market conduct and compliance. After you have completed reading the guide, you can take the optional 10 minute quiz and receive a certificate at no cost to you.

About the Quiz
This brief quiz was developed to ensure your mastery of the material presented in the booklet, The Producers Guide to Market Conduct. There are 13 multiple choice questions. Please read each question, then mark the answer you think is correct. If you should give the wrong answer, the program will coach you to the correct one. You cannot fail!

Who Should Take this Quiz
Independent producers who have received and reviewed the The Producer's Guide to Market Conduct are eligible to complete this quiz.

What happens with the results
Once you have completed the exam, your work is done. The IPC will send notification to the appropriate member companies that you have completed the training.

Our Privacy Policy
The IPC collects personal information from you for the sole purpose of assigning proper credit to you for completion of this test exercise. The IPC respects the confidentiality of the information you provide us and will not release this information to anyone outside of this organization for any purpose.
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